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The Girl King was released in September in Montreal filmfestival, where it took first price as the best film. After Canada it came out in several countries all around.


During this year ATO did only a few gigs. Mainly Anssi Tikanmäki was preparing a big score for symphony orchestra, choir and soprano, alto, tenor -solists. The work is called "Koenig".



In 2014 there was a great opportunity to write music for Mika Kaurismäki´s epoque film called The Girl King. It was filmed in March and April in Turku, Finland. Tikanmäki-team prepared and composed the score and finally recorded the music during the summer and autumn. Making the score took the whole year.

In 2014 ATO was also gigging in some clubs and festivals. ATO did also concerts in schools.



Last August (2012) the famous singer-songwriter Donovan was invited to perform in Turku, Finland and on stage there also was ATO accompanying and playing with Donovan those legendary songs of his! And now they are working together again ...

The dates of the Spain concerts 2013 are:
- 15.5. Madrid
- 16.5. Bilbao
- 17.5. Santiago de Compostella
- 05.06. Belgrad, Serbia
- 26.10. Dublin, Ireland



In 2011 Anssi, Eljas and Eemil Tikanmäki and also Juuso Nordlund with Roope Latvala had started making an album which contained national hymns. In May 2012 the album "Anthems" was released by Tikanmäki Attack and Roope Latvala, a pioneet heavymetal guitarist who plays in the famous Finnish heavymetal group called Children of Bodom. Tikanmäki Attack together with Roope Latvala update eight wellknown national anthems into 21st century with their new, heavy-hand-made heavymetal arrangements. Heavymetal is one of the most wide genre of nowaday rock music – and in Finland heavyrock is particularly popular! Yet Anthems is made for everyone, it is a sincerely updated modern dose of old, strong and magnificent music!

In 2012 ATO was also gigging in some clubs and was invited to St. Petersbourgh to perform in the Muzika Kino -festival, a filmfestival with it´s many international guests.

Also this year ATO had a great opprtunity to accompany the legendary singer-songwriter Donovan. In August 2012 Donovan was invited to perform in Turku, Finland and on stage there also was ATO accompanying and playing with him.
And they are working together next year again ...



In 2011 ATO had concerts in schools and i.e. with Joensuu symphony orchestra. Also some club gigs, i.e. in Tampere where there was Rockadillo record company´s 40th anniversary, which was a great event with Rockadillo´s great artists and friends ...


YEAR 2009


ATO´s gigs in Ikaalinen, Madrid´s Circulo de Bellas Artes and Tampere- hall were succesful. Each places are the most finest venues in Europe. We recommend them highly. Thanks to the personel and especially to the great audiences of those places. Hope to see you again.
ATO is now going on, developing it´s sound and arrangements and starts making videos of the finnish landscapes and something else ... landscapes will continue!



Next ATO-concert will take place in Ikaalinen, Finland, on the 7th of November. After that ATO-orchestra will go to Spain and perform in Madrid, where there are two concerts in Circulo de las Bellas Artes -hall on the 17th ja 18th of November. In December 10th ATO will have a concert in Tampere, Finland. The venue is Tampere-hall....



ATFO-quartet will perform in Cannes Filmfestival on the 19th of May 2009 at 20.30. ATFO -quartet play Finnish film music, especially music from Kaurismäki´s films composed by Anssi Tikanmäki, but also other finnish music which appear on the Kaurismäki´s soundtracks. Wellcome to Cannes to hear music from the films La Vie de Boheme, Juha, L´homme sans passe, The Worthless and many others ...


YEAR 2008


Anssi Tikanmäki Filmorchestra will be performing Aki Kaurismäki´s silentfilm "Juha" next time in Paris, France. Juha-performance will take place at The park of Bercy on the 3rd of July 2008. It will be a very special event, an outdoor performance in the park when darkness comes! See you there!



Anssi Tikanmäki Filmorchestra will be performing Aki Kaurismäki´s legendary silentfilm "Juha" (1999) next time in Budapest, Hungary. Juha-performance will take place at The Palace of Arts´ssa on the 1st of March 2008. Be there!


Happy new year 2008 to everyone! This year the legendary album "Finnish landscapes" will transform into modern times; Tomi Pietilä is updating and making a remix of the album into 5.1 format and Love Kustannus will publish the "Landscapes"-dvd someday during this year. Also the "Landscapes"-dvd will contain a TV -live-concert recorded in 1981, when Anssi Tikanmäki, Ikaros and Sibelius Academy symphony orchestra conducted by Jorma Panula performed the "Landscapes". We will keep you informed of the releasing day.